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The Real Madrid jerseys are delivered blank as default by adidas. Any customization taking place is on behalf of the retailer. The name and number kits whether player names and numbers or single letters and numbers are supplied by a different company. The retailer can then obtain the jerseys from adidas and the namekits from Sporting ID and the subsequently apply the namekits on the jerseys.
Most fans prefer to have their jersey printed with a player name and number from the current squad. The great stars account for the vast majority of the jerseys sold with a name and number kit applied. However, some people prefer to have their own name on the jersey or possibly some other writing relating to an event or the like.
Below we will look at the difference between the Real Madrid player jersey and the Real Madrid custom jersey.

Real Madrid player jersey Ronaldo 9:
The Real Madrid jersey 2009/10 comes with a black name and number kit.
Real Madrid player jersey Ronaldo 9
The name is written in a straight line and the number is right below the name. The color is a solid black with no shadow and no secondary color scheme. Just the plain black. A classical style. One has to mention though that the numbers do have different color nuances giving them a slightly different look and feel compared to the letters. The number is equipped with a Real Madrid club logo in white and silver to the bottom of the number.

Real Madrid custom jersey own name:
Compared to the Real Madrid player jersey lets like at a Real Madrid custom jersey and see how the name and number kit looks like.
Real Madrid jersey custom name

The jersey is the same. The letters are the same. The numbers are the same. Same style. Same size. Same quality. Same material. The only difference thus is the wording. Whether it be a player name from the current Real Madrid squad or whether it be a custom name whether referring to an event, one’s own name, a nick name, a former player etc.
The slight difference one might notice in the width of the space between the letters has an explanation. The player name comes in a name block where all the letters are attached to plastic and only has to be applied using a heat transfer printer. The custom name is set-up placing single letters next to one another by the print person. It is thus up to this individual to set the distance between the letters which can vary according to the size of the jersey in order to get the proportions right. Let’s say a jersey size XXL with a short name might command larger space between the letters than a small youth jersey with a long name.

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