Real Madrid financial statement 2009/10 | Real Madrid financial account

Sunday the 19th of September the financial results for the financial year 2009/10 (July – July) will be revealed at the Real Madrid assembly.
The result for the campaign 2009/10 was a turnover of 429.8 million Euros. 29.5 million more than the previous season. Profits of 23.8 millions 2.4 million more than the season 2008/09. The total debt was reduced by 82 € million Euros to 245 € millions.

The passive debt is 543.20 € million Euros – 20 € million less than the previous year.
The income stems from 3 revenue streams:
-member subscriptions and tickets 148,5 millions.
-TV 136.1 millions.
-Sponsorship deals and merchandising 122.4 millions.

Read more about the Real Madrid financial results for the season 2009/10 at Real Madrid website (in Spanish):
Real Madrid financial results 2009/10 compared to the results for the season 2008/09

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