Best selling soccer jerseys globally Real Madrid and Manchester United

According to the website sporting intelligence Real Madrid and Manchester United are the two clubs in the world selling the most soccer jerseys. The sales are based on the years 2005-2009 a period in which Cristiano Ronaldo played with both clubs.
The figures for the two clubs range from 1.2 – 1.5 million sold years a year throughout this period of time.
If one looks exclusively at the seasons 2009/10 and 2010/11 one might expect that Real Madrid holds the lead since the move of Ronaldo to Madrid has surely played a factor in the sales for both clubs.
FC Barcelona comes in third with a maximum of 1.2 million sold units a season throughout the period of time under investigation.

The only club not featuring over the clubs selling the most jerseys but being on the top 10 of Deloitte’s richlist is AS Roma. The reason for this is probably that Roma’s kit sponsor is Kappa which does not have the global distribution network of adidas or Nike. All other clubs in the top 10 are either Nike or adidas teams.
The combined figures of the two top soccer apparel brands put them at about the same level.

See the comparison statistics between Nike and adidas here

The original study was undertaken by German company PR-Marketing

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