Real Madrid away jersey name and number kit 2011-12 Benzema 9

The Real Madrid away jersey carries the same style name and number kit for the season 11-12 as the home jersey.

Both jerseys come with contrast color in gold and the name and number kit in gold.

The red third jersey runs a different schedule with contrast color (sponsor logo and 3-stripes) in white and thus a corresponding name kit also in white.

Real Madrid away jersey 11-12 Benzema 9


The most improves player in the Real Madrid squad for the season 11-12 is used as an example.

At the collar you will see the small inscription in gold letters: Real Madrid.

The two by far best selling jerseys are those of Ronaldo and Özil.

After those two follow in no particular order Alonso, Benzema, Di Maria, Higuain, Sergio Ramos.

Casillas is a case apart but of course the best selling goal keeper in the Real Madrid squad.

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Real Madrid players:

Before the start of the season 2009/10 a number of new players arrived in Real Madrid with new president Florentino Perez. Brazilian star playmaker was brought in from AC Milan. Portuguese superstar winger, striker , offensive midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo came in from Man United. Young and rising star Karim Benzema left French Lyon to play abroad for the first time for a substantial transfer sum.

Cristiano Ronaldo delivered immediately. Benzema spent most of his first season on the bench since the starting forwards were Higuain and Ronaldo. Kaka’ was injured , did not play much , did not find much success on the pitch.

The jersey of Kaka' for his first season with Real MadridWhen Kaka’ arrived at Real Madrid the jersey number 8 was worn by Argentinian midfielder Fernando Gago. However, Gago agreed to switch to the number 5 jersey since this jersey carries a special significance in Argentina for the holding midfielder.

Real Madrid jersey with Ronaldo 9 first season in MadridCristiano Ronaldo had been the number 7 in Manchester United. The number 7 associated to such an extend with his name that he was even dubbed CR7. In Madrid the number 7 was worn by Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzales Blanco. Impossible to strip the captain of his number. When Raul left Madrid for Schalke 04 during summer of 2010 the number 7 became available though and Ronaldo was able to once again call himself CR7.

Real Madrid soccer jersey printed with Benzema 11Benzema was the number 10 in Lyon. In Madrid he got the number 11 for this first season. When the number 9 became available after the season 2009/10 he switched number and got the number 9 the classical number for a forward. The first jersey to be worn by Karim Benzema in Real Madrid is the one seen above: BENZEMA 11.

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Özil jersey | Ozil 23 soccer jersey | Real Madrid kit

New arrival from Germany and Werder Bremen Özil has been the great revelation for Real Madrid this season. Özil brings a new dimension to the Real Madrid team this season by playing at the wing. A position sorely missed during last season’s campaign. Fellow winger Di Maria is also making a great impression so far though Özil has so far run away with most of the attention.
Özil came a long way in order to end up with the jersey number 23. He started out with number 31. Then he was assigned number 26. For the first match of the season against Mallorca he wore the jersey number 19. Garay was injured but when Van Der Vaart was sold to Tottenham he finally came out with number 23.
The old MJ number which Beckham tried to make popular in the world of soccer (football) by swapping the number 7 jersey at MU for the number 23 at RM.

Real Madrid away jersey 10/11 - Özil 23

Özil is of Turkish origin and therefore the name carries the two dots above the O. On the Real Madrid jersey this writing has been maintained so instead of Ozil the name written is indeed Özil.

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Interview Mourinho part II

Real Madrid Profile:
Second part of interview with Jose Mourinho brought in the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais.

Q: I am curious to know what did Guardiola say to you when the match between Barcelona and Inter was over and Barca had been eliminated. When you were there with Robson you had a good relationship to Guardiola…
A: It has been very good, it is very good, and it will be very good. If we are going to have some kind of problem at the level of football it will never be a problem between Mourinho and Guardiola. It will be a problem between the coach of Real Madrid and the coach of FC Barcelona. This is totally different. I respect him a lot just as well as I believe that he respects me. We do not have any problems at a personal level. Quite the contrary. At this very moment I cannot wish him good luck because we play to win the same but apart from that there is no problem.

Q: Some years back you laid down your future: To win this in England. To win this in Italy. This in Spain. This in Portugal…
A: Like with any kind of planning one has to be flexible and adapt to the situation. One has to analyze and make a diagnostics on a day to day basis at all levels. In my professional life it is very difficult that this kind of planning happens automatically. There has to be some kind of deviations. I had 3 big objectives when I started coaching. And I have almost achieved the two. One was to win 3 Champions Leagues with 3 different clubs. Ernst Happel, Ottmar Hitzfield and I have have each won 2 with 2 different clubs. Happel has died and Hitzfield is about to retire while I have many years ahead of me. Another of my objectives was to win the league title in the 3 most important league in the world: The English, the Italian, the Spanish. In this moment Capello has won the Spanish and the Italian. Ancelotti has won the Italian and the English. Capello if he is not going to return to club football as he has stated recently will not win the in all 3 leagues. Then there is only Carlo and I and I do not know if it is among Carlo’s objectives. But I want to win all three.

Q: And the third objective ?
A: The third is to give my country something which nobody has ever given it: the title of World Champion or European Champion. This is going to be more difficult because I do not like to train national teams. It is a dream for me. I think that Portugal a small country, with just 10 million inhabitants, without much economic potential, without great infrastructure has a football which deserves to win something important. It is a football which has produced three Ballons D’or: Eusebio , Figo and Ronaldo. It is a football which has produced a historical Benfica team and a FC Porto both having won the Champions League. Such a country deserves two things: to win an important title and to win something somewhat easier: to get to with the help of Spain to host a World Cup. We have to win this candidature.

Q: During all of the interview so far one has not spurred so much emotion and illusion as when talking about Portugal.
A: I am a Portuguese rather atypical because the Portuguese person in general misses Portugal a lot and I don’t. I do not have any longing feeling towards Portugal perhaps because I have an extraordinary family and because I love what I do for a living. I do not miss Portugal but I feel a lot of passion for Portugal. I am a Portuguese who does not want to return. I do not want to work in any Portuguese club. I do not want to live in Portugal. But I am a Portuguese who wants to do something important with my capabilities.

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Interview Jose Mourinho to the Spanish Press

Jose Mourinho new coach at Real Madrid for the season 2010/11 gave an interview to one of the leading Spanish daily newspapers El Pais for their Sunday edition magazine.
See the interview with Mourinho in Spanish here
The headline reads: José Mourinho ‘En el fútbol lo arriesgo todo. En lo personal, riesgo cero.
Jose Mourinho: In football I risk everything. At the personal level I risk nothing.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais frontpage of magazine

A: At the beginning when I read to you what Robinson was saying about you. Those who are close to you say that you are warm and human. But in many places they say that you are a difficult person, inaccessible, irritable. How do you react when you read what people say about you ?
Q: First of all, I do not read a lot about what people say about me. Oscar (Oscar Ribo who is present at the interview and who is the responsible for press for Mourinho and Real Madrid) is witness that every dayI want an sms from him with a summary of the press because I do not read newspaper nor do I watch TV. I only use the TV for matches I want to or I have to watch. It is a way to protect my personal well-being and stability.
If a person close to me speaks badly about me yes this does create a problem because it means that something is wrong with me or in relation to this person. When somebody who does not know me speaks badly about me this does not create any problem at all. The football has given me some many good things that it also has the right to give me something bad.

Question: What is the bad part:
Answer: The complete loss of privacy. Everybody knows me. Everybody talks about me. I cannot walk quietly on the street. I cannot go for a walk with my kids with my wife con my family. I cannot travel freely. And I have to put up with a lot of lies about me – when I read – that is.

Question: And what is the part which has annoyed you the most.
Answer: The lies. Outside of football I am a totally different man from what I am in football. In football I risk everything. In my way of leading and managing – in my way of communication – my way of dealing with the press – I risk a lot with the team – you will get to see that. In my personal life I am the exact opposite. I risk zero. Low profile. No risky investments. I risk nothing with my Euros. I am a low profile guy – I do not like the social scene at all. And the lies is what I like least of all. They said that during my holidays in Kenya I had met with a witch. What they invent ……..

Question: They also say that you like to read and that you like music.
Answer: Look, people see one Mourinho during the 90 minutes of the match + during press conferences before and after the match. This Mourinho is playing the match. It is difficult to comprehend the Mourinho who is not playing the match. During the match I am on my feet for 90 minutes. I speak to my players, I speak to the adversaries, I speak to the referees. I play my game I do not come out there to do theater I am working. The press conferences are part of the work space. The public know me from my work. This interview I give to you today I do not know if it is going to be repeated throughout the season since I only rarely concede interviews. I never appear on TV and I would never open the door to my home to anyone. To stop on the street to talk to fans is very difficult also. I would like to visit a local fan club of my current club but they have told me that they are some many and that if I go to one I have to go to all of them.. So therefore nobody knows Mourinho. His family knows him. His friends know him. Those are the ones who know the real Mourinho.

Question: Allow me for a moment to enter you house. What kind of books do you read ?
Answer: I like Gabriel García Márquez but in reality I have little time available to read. I work for long hours and when I get back home I like to spend the time with my family. I cannot be so egoistic as to demand my own space and time. I need to do things which they like to do: watch a movie which my wife likes, go to the cinema to watch the movie that my kids like. The other day I was in Madrid. I was very tired but my kids wanted to go to the amusement park so we went to the amusement park.

Question: What makes you laugh ?
Answer: At home I laugh a lot. At work also. And to win also makes me laugh a lot.

Question: Lets end this interview with another poet. Kipling. If between to shams: defeat and victory.
Do you think the same ? That they are a double -edged sword.
Answer: Sometimes after a defeat (which luckily enough have been few and far between) I should not be sad because in the other locker room there are people who are very happy. But in order to really think this way I would need to lose many times.

Profile Photo of Jose Mourinho

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New Real Madrid player Sergio Canales | Canales jersey , boots , shorts . .

Player Profile:

Sergio Canales is new in Real Madrid for the season 2010/11. Canales will be wearing the jersey number 22 in his new club left by Xabi Alonso as he changed the jersey number for the number 14 left by Guti.

Sergio Canales for Racing SantanderPhoto of Sergio Canales from Racing Santander from the Associated Press.

The player has played in most of the matches this pre-season so far and must be considered as being one of the players who count for Mourinho.

New Real Madrid signing at press conference with Real Madrid

To read more about Canales see his profile at wikipedia: Sergio Canales at Wikipedia!
Canales will be the offensive midfielder splitting time with Van der Vaart. What happens when Kaka returns nobody knows. Maybe 3 will be too many for the position of the 10 but possibly Canales will be able to play also at the left or the right midfield position.

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New Real Madrid player Sammi Khedira | Khedira jersey | shorts | boots

Player Profile:

Often a small coincidence can lead to big changes in the life of an individual. In this case of a football players. German national team player Sammy Khedira from VFB Stuttgart was living a relatively quiet life away from the spotlight of international media. He was a well-known player in the German Bundesliga but had yet to make an impact internationally.

The last match of the season in England. The FA Cup final between Chelsea and Portsmouth.  Kevin Prince Boateng another player out of German of mixed background German mother Ghanaian father injures Michael Ballack and German hopes for the World Cup are shaken. Khedira has a German mother and a Tunisian father. Before this incident the German midfield was to consist of Ballack and Schweinsteiger as the bread and butter of the engine room. Khedira was not close to a place in the starting formation. However, with Ballack out and a lack of central midfielders Khedira is suddenly granted a vital role for the German team.

German international Sammi Khedira

German plays a good tournament and in the process Khedira makes a name for himself on the international scene.

He would have been out of contract with VFB Stuttgart the summer of 2011. A pre-contract had been made with FC Bayern but Stuttgart would of course be more interested in selling now to Real Madrid and cash in rather than letting him go for free to arch rivals Bayern the following summer.

Khedira and Mourinho at Real Madrid training session

It is still unknown at the time of writing which number Khedira will be wearing in Real Madrid.

Khedira plays in a Nike boots as can been seen from the photo above.

Sammi Khedira with the Spanish newspaper AS in hand

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New Real Madrid player Pedro Leon | P. LÉON jersey – shorts – boots

Player Profile:
For the season 2010/11 Real Madrid has exercised a buying option with Getafe for the player Pedro de Leon who will be wearing white for the next 6 seasons. Pedro de Leon was presented on the Bernabeu on the 16th of July and after the presentation there was a Q&A session in the press room at the Bernabeu.
To read more about what Pedro de Leon said and to watch a video clip from the presentation click here:
Pedro Leon presentation at the Bernabeu

Pedro de Leon at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid

It is still unknown at the time of writing what will be the jersey number of Pedro Leon in Real Madrid. The same holds for Angel di Maria and will ultimately be determined by the players leaving Real Madrid and which numbers will become available by then.

Getafe jersey Pedro Leon number 20

In Getafe Pedro Leon wore the jersey number 20 a number which is currently occupied by Higuain in Real Madrid. However, if Raul leaves the club and Cristiano Ronaldo gets to wear the jersey number 7 – Higuain might switch number to number 9 which would leave the number 20 available. But these are all speculations – nothing confirmed yet.
Pedro Leon is a right footed midfielder with a great shot. Corners, free kicks , crosses for the looks + the ability to kick the ball has given him the nickname “The Spanish Beckham” or “the new Beckham”. In the interview after the introduction he would decline all such speculations and stick to a more humble attitude about doing his best and then see what would happen. But without making any comparisons to Beckham or Michel or any other former Real Madrid star.

David Villa Valencia and Pedro Leon Getafe

Pedro Leon plays in the adidas Predator boot.

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Angel Di Maria Argentina | New Real Madrid player

Player Profile:
Playing with the jersey number 7 at the current World Cup while having played with the number 8 jersey on other occasions Angel Di Maria has now been officially announced as being a new Real Madrid player for the season 2010/11. Currently on duty with Argentina in South Africa DI MARIA will be presented at the Bernabeu as soon as his international duties will end.

Angel Di Maria from Argentina wearing the number 8 jersey + shorts

Angel Di Maria plays in the adidas predator boot. Di Maria wears his jersey on the outside of the shorts.

Angel Di Maria boots

Angel Di Maria comes from the same city as Messi Rosario though he grew up playing for “the other” club in the town Rosario Central. Before the World Cup Di Maria had only played 12 international matches for Argentina. A couple of good performances in Europe for Benfica + steady performances in the Portuguese league brought the attention to the winger thus earning him a place in the national side + a long term deal with Real Madrid.

Angel Di Maria for Argentina in a close-up

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Real Madrid players for Brazil World Cup 2010 | Kaka 10

Player Profile:
A number of Brazilian players have worn the white Real Madrid jersey over the years.
In the current Real Madrid squad the number of Brazilians is limited to two though.
Kaka and Marcelo. Only Kaka got the ticket for South Africa. Marcelo is on stand-by in case of injuries.

Former and current Brazilian players in Real Madrid

Ricardo Kaka plays with number 8 for Real Madrid. In the Brazilian national team Kaka’ has played with number 7 , number 8, and now number 10. Former greats to wear the number 10 for Brazil include Rivaldo and Ronaldinho.

Kaka wearing the number 10 jersey for Brazil World Cup 2010

Kaka’ wears the adipure boot from adidas. At the World Cup the style of this boot is a black – yellow design.
Kaka won the Confederations Cup with Brazil 2009 playing with more or less the same players as at the World Cup 2010. In Dunga’s design Kaka is the offensive midfielder trying to set up especially Luis Fabiano or if the chance occurs to try to strike it on his own.
While Kaka has endured some criticism for his performance with A Selecao he did play a good match against Ivory Coast and was behind Brazil’s first goal.

Brazil home jersey name and number KAKA 10

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